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09 October 2011 @ 11:13 pm
Matter at Hand  
I know it's sad. It's heartbreaking for me because Ryo is my ichiban member and NEWS is my ichiban group. It's like my heart is torn in two or maybe a million pieces to be more descriptive. But because of this, I had a realization, and that is- even though Ryo's not there anymore, I love NEWS TOO MUCH for me to be leaving the fandom. To me, NEWS comes first now and I really love the group very, very much. I'll continue to support them even more than before! With the situation like this, I understand that they need all the support they can get. So if they work twice as hard as they have been working before, I think that I have to support them twice, or maybe thrice as hard as well. NEWS gave me a happier life- a life with way more smiles than tears. And because of this, to me, NEWS is definitely irreplaceable and I'll continue to give them my support no matter what! NEWS, i love you! Please continue to do your best and know that we, your loving fans, will always be on your side!